You may recall Lexus revealing their luxurious version of the Toyota Alphard at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show a few months back. Dubbed the Lexus LM, this new MPV takes the poshness of the Alphard and spruces it up even more in true Lexus fashion. Of course, for some the need for luxury does not stop after the vehicle rolls out of the dealership. At the end of the day there’s always someone who will modify a car to suit their own taste, and for most vehicles in Lexus’ lineup this is where Artisan Spirits enters the picture. 

Known as a Japanese styling outfit that mainly focuses on Toyota’s luxury marque, Artisan Spirits have taken vehicles from the Lexus lineup and built aero parts that further enhance every vehicle’s body lines. Everything from the Lexus IS, NX, RX, all the way to the crowning LC500 have an Artisan Spirits kit to give that enhanced ‘VIP’ styling – and the Lexus LM will be no exception 

Considering how the Japanese – not to mention folks from Hong Kong and Singapore – are very much into their high-end vanning culture, it’s a no-brainer that the Lexus LM will become a popular platform to build upon in the near future. The success that the Toyota Alphard and the Vellfire enjoy in these circles only means that the LM will easily be welcomed as it is the exact same platform. That said, Artisan Spirits is well onto their market by teasing a few photos of what they’ll be offering for the new Lexus MPV.

Artisan Spirits takes their first jab at modding Lexus LM image

While a bit modest compared to their other kits, for now Artisan Spirits have made a wraparound lip kit for the lower sections of the LM as well as an under spoiler for the rear section. The front section is further enhanced by a carbon bonnet that’s been made from the stock version of the LM’s hood.

To eliminate the gap between the fenders and wheels, a large, likely 21 or 22-inch set of their own line of aftermarket wheels have also been fitted. Seeing as the LM rides on the same body as the Alphard and Vellfire, we may likely see these be fitted with air suspension off the bat from various VIP tuners at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon to achieve a similar ride height to Artisan Spirits’ rendering. 

So, are you excited to see what else the aftermarket has in store for Lexus’ new model?