We might see electric-version of Hilux, Strada, Navara, and more by 2035

More countries are announcing that they will prohibit selling vehicles with internal combustion engines in the future. But if you have noticed, most of these countries are located in Europe, namely Germany, France, and United Kingdom. These countries have the infrastructure for EVs, making the transition a little bit easier. 

So almost everyone was surprised when Thailand announced they would be doing the same by 2035.

With that, it brings one interesting thought. As Thailand plans to phase out the sale of cars with an internal combustion engine, does this mean we will see electric versions of popular Thailand-built diesel models such as the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Strada, Ford Ranger, and Nissan Navara by 2035? Better yet, would these models eventually land in the Philippines? Well, it’s possible.

The majority of the vehicles sold in the Philippines come from Thailand. As a result, whatever electric model Thailand produces could eventually make its way to the Philippines.

It’s still too early to tell which Thailand-built models will be getting an electric version. Manufacturers still have 14 years to decide before the 2035 deadline. Sedans and small crossovers will also be the easier models to electrify. However, the same can’t be said about the diesel-powered pick-up trucks and the PPVs. For starters, it will be difficult to convince people that an electric pick-up truck might be as good (or even better) than a diesel one. But, assuming manufacturers keep them in production, they will have to adopt some form of electrification. And if there’s one automaker that already has an advantage over others, it’s Toyota.

Toyota has been reportedly developing a hybrid version for the Fortuner. It’s not a pure EV, but it is still electric-assisted and could lead to the future development of a pure battery-electric Fortuner. Since the SUV shares the same platform as the Innova and Hilux, the powertrain could be shared as well. According to an insider, the Fortuner hybrid is slated for release sometime in 2022 and will use a hybrid version of the GD series diesel engine.

The announcement of Thailand going electric has opened up possibilities of new electric pick-up trucks and SUVs arriving in the future. It’s going to be interesting to see which automaker will come out with the first EV pick-up and PPV before the 2035 deadline.