The Nissan Kicks has been in production as early as 2016 and is already being offered in numerous regions all over the world such as the U.S. and the Europe. In fact, the compact crossover recently replaced the Juke in the U.S. market. Soon, the Kicks will also be making its way into more regions as seen it is already listed on Nissan India's website. However, the Kicks arriving in the region could look different based on the teaser photos.

Asian-market Nissan Kicks could look different from U.S. version

The teaser photo/sketch shows a more aggressive looking model compared to the Kicks currently offered in the U.S. and other regions. While most of the car is still darkened, we can clearly see Nissan's signature V-Motion grill is flanked by sharp and angular LED lights. There are also wider lower air intakes, giving it a more aggressive look.

Moving to the side, the character line is similar to that of the Kick's albeit more toned down. At the rear, there's a roof spoiler and V-shaped taillights. That said, most of the vehicle's rear end is darkened meaning we'll have to wait for its debut to be certain of the design.

Asian-market Nissan Kicks could look different from U.S. version

While it is possible that the Nissan Kicks for the Asian market may get a different look, it is also possible that the sketches shown on Nissan India's website are from when it was still being conceptualized. Do note that the sketches does lack side mirrors and door handles, which means it will likely be toned down once it debuts. However, it is curious as to why the automaker would still cover the Kicks for the region given that it has already debuted elsewhere in the world.

As of writing, there is still no release date as to when the Nissan Kicks will debut in India. There is also no word as to whether the Philippines will get the Kicks as the Juke is still being offered locally.