You've sent in your entries, and now here are the 10 winners for the Ask Mika Hakkinen Contest as part of the Johnnie Walker Step Inside The Circuit series. All winners get a Gold Pass (with plus 1s) to the Johnnie Walker Step Inside The Circuit party at Prive on November 5. The Grand Winner gets to join us as we interview the Flying Finn himself on November 6.

The winners are:

1. Michael Anthony F. Juangco (Grand Winner)

Most of us would have been afraid to keep on driving after an accident. You had a little mishap in your  first lap in your first time in a kart, but what was it that pushed you to continue, and go on to be one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1?

2. Lou Erin Perez

Finland has 3 F1 World Champions (Rosberg, Raikkonen and yourself) and several WRC champions as well. What do you think is it about Finns that make you such great racing drivers?

3. John Hudson Go

Five champions are actively racing in F1 today. Who among them reminds you the most of yourself and how so?

4. Willie P. Barcelon

Rubens Barrichello mentioned that when he started his career, there was only 1 button on the steering wheel. Now there are over 20 buttons. Which era of F1 would you rather race in? The current high-tech era or the previous one where it was all mechanical?

5. Jimmy Perez

Were you satisfied with your career when you left F1?

6. Ulysses P. Crisostomo

Would you say that your rivalry with Michael Schumacher was healthy or were you never really friendly with each other off camera?

7. Maria Karla Silva

In light of the recent deaths of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli, do you think there are already enough safety measures in F1 to avoid the deaths in MotoGP and IndyCar? If you think it is safe enough, will you let Hugo race in F1 eventually?

8. Kelvin Cyruss Sarmiento

Being a two time F1 World Champion you had your fair share of obstacles with engine problems and a professional rivalry with Michael Schumacher. Did you consider those events a hindrance to your success or do you believe that they helped cement your legacy as one of the greats in Formula One?

9. Jason Antonio

Looking at the comeback of Michael Schumacher, is there any chance of seeing the Flying Finn on the racetrack and competing again? And if you were to race again, what team would you go for?

10. Gia Jamias

Who do you consider as your greatest challenger in F1?

>Winners will be contacted by mobile and via email. Thanks again for joining and see you on November 5 for the Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit party at Prive, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City.