Aston Martin Lagonda Limited has revealed its new logo for merchandise, clearing speculations of the company's car change of logo.

In a tweet, CEO Andy Palmer said that “we have no intention to remove/change the Aston Martin's wings. This logo is for merchandise”. This means that the brand's iconic wings will remain instead the new logo revealed is dedicated for merchandise such as clothing, furniture, mobile and advertising.

Apart from these, the trademark also falls under automobile chassis and design category, which could mean that the company might be using this same logo to some of their exterior components like the front grill and wheels.

The logo at first glance may not seem like a representation of the Aston Martin. Giving a closer look, however, the letter “A” and “M” can be seen through filling out some angles. It also somehow resembles the company's original logo in the 1920s before the company adopted its iconic wings.