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Aston Martin Lagonda undergoes desert testing in Oman


With temperatures ranging from 30-50 degrees Celsius

After exterior images of the Aston Martin Lagonda was revealed last week, now it seems that AM has commenced the vehicle's summer heat testing program in the Omani desert to work out any issues the vehicle may have in extreme heat conditions.

The British automaker intends to achieve more than 22,500 km heat test under the four-week testing program in temperatures ranging from 30-50 degrees Celsius.


Aston Martin purposely chose to finish the prototype in black paint to further punish the vehicle. It will also undergo heat soak test that will bring the temparature of the cabin trim up to 79 degrees Celsius.

The Lagonda is a luxury four-door sedan that has been designed exclusively for the Middle East market. The British automaker says the vehicle draws inspiration and design cues from the original Lagonda released in 1976.

Interior and powertrain details are yet to be released by Aston Martin.

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