Aston Martin has just unveiled the Lagonda in Dubai after the vehicle completed its summer heat testing program. Aston Martin says that the model will be known as the Lagonda Taraf in the Middle East market.

The Lagonda Taraf is dubbed by Aston Martin as the "finest of fast cars". The vehicle is based on the brand's VH architecture and draws inspiration from the “ highly sought-after William Towns-designed Lagonda of 1976”. It will feature similar engineering designs as seen in modern Aston Martin vehicles such as the use of carbon fiber body panels.

The rear of the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

The British automaker says the Lagonda Taraf will be hand-built by the “finest craftsmen and women” at Aston Martin's manufacturing facilities in Gaydon, Warwickshire. However, the powertrain details of the Lagonda Taraf are yet to be revealed by Aston Martin.

Moreover, Aston Martin's CEO Andy Palmer said during the launch that they are “evaluating the opportunity” to offer the Lagonda in other markets.