In further expanding its technical capabilities, Aston Martin recently opened its new engineering facility in Warwickshire, UK, which will house the British automaker's prototype and future vehicle development base.

The 15,800 sq feet building will give Aston Martin added engineering capacity as the brand itself is stepping up in new model development as well as supporting current model programs.

"The cutting edge facilities at MIRA, together with its reputation for quality and excellent security, make it an ideal place for us to carry out some of our prototype development work. This excellent facility gives our engineering teams exactly what they need to ensure the next generation of Aston Martin sports cars continue to be truly class-leading," said Ian Minards, Product Development Director at Aston Martin.

The new facility inside MIRA Technological Park

George Gillespie, CEO of MIRA Limited, stated that the inclusion of Aston Martin inside their technological park is a very welcome addition.

"By selecting MIRA as a new location for their prototype and vehicle development teams, Aston Martin is able to take advantage of an entirely bespoke and secure facility whilst also taking advantage of MIRA’s extensive research and testing facilities right on their doorstep," said Gillespie.

The MIRA Technology Park is one of the UK's Enterprise Zones and has over 30 transport related companies such as Bosch, Goodyear-Dunlop, Jaguar, Land Rover and Michelin. Also worth mentioning about MIRA Technology Park is that it has its own proving ground where companies can test auto-related scenarios like performance, wet weather driving, ride and handling tests and noise tests as such.