Two new variants will be joining Aston Martin's limited run of the exclusive Vanquish Zagato lineup. Initially offered in Coupe or Volante (Convertible) form, one can now also lust after the Vanquish Zagato in both Shooting Brake and Speedster variants.

Much like the original line up, both the Speedster and Shooting Brake come in limited numbers. To be more specific, Aston Martin will only build 28 Speedsters and 99 Shooting Brakes; adding to the existing production run of 99 Coupes and 99 Volantes. All-in-all, the Vanquish Zagato family will see a maximum of 325 vehicles built.

Aston Martin unveils Vanquish Zagato Speedster, Shooting Brake

The main difference between the Speedster and the Volante is the nacelle design behind the seats. In the Speedster, it further enhances the double-bubble roof design, which is a known trademark for Zagato vehicles. The Speedster also gives the Vanquish Zagato a more hardcore yet classic look of past race vehicles, and will not come with any form of a roof, not even a temporary cloth cover.

As for the Shooting Brake, there are less details regrading it compared to the Speedster. In fact, there is only one photo that shows the complete shooting brake design. Like the rest of the family, it will strictly be a two-seater vehicle. However, it does have a larger luggage area; Aston Martin will even throw in a custom tailored luggage to match the interior.

Aston Martin unveils Vanquish Zagato Speedster, Shooting Brake

Aston Martin's Zagato line uses a Vanquish S as a base. Powering it is the same 5.9-liter 580 PS V12 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox found on the Vanquish S. Announcement of the Speedster and Shooting Brake was made during the official debut of the Volante at the Monterey Car Week.

Unfortunately, all Speedsters have been sold, but the Shooting Brake may still be available. Both cars will make their public debut at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.