Aston Martin is known for building some of the best-looking supercars in the world. Apart from being a British brand, the sleek styling of their vehicles is probably why suave secret agent James Bond drives one in nearly all of his movies. However, it seems Aston Martin decided to take some inspiration from history for their latest hypercar – the Victor.

Aston Martin Victor has 848 horses of British muscle image

The Victor is a one-off model ordered by a customer from Aston Martin’s Q division. It started out life as a One-77 but was heavily modified to pay homage to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage from the 70s and 80s. Strangely, the front end does have a little resemblance to Ford’s pony car – the Mustang.

Aston Martin’s one-off hypercar has the face of a Mustang image

While the front may resemble the Vantage, the rear is all sleek – typical of any Aston Martin featuring an integrated ducktail that kicks up profoundly and a beautiful set of taillights derived from the Valkryie. All of the aero work is functional as well, producing more downforce than a Vantage GT4 racecar. Although it is a One-77 underneath, it is almost unrecognizable thanks to the extent of modifications made by Aston Martin’s Q Division.

Aston Martin’s one-off hypercar has the face of a Mustang image

Aston Martin spared no expense with the interior, leaving most of the carbon-monocoque chassis exposed. The cabin is upholstered in the same green leather to match the exterior. The Vulcan style open steering wheel is matched with a wooden shift knob. Yes, this Aston Martin is a stick shift.

Aston Martin’s one-off hypercar has the face of a Mustang image

Powering the Victor is still the same 7.3-liter V12 in the One-77. But the engine has been retuned by Cosworth in order to produce 848 HP and 821 Nm, a big increase over the original 750 HP and 750 Nm torque. Power is then sent to the wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. 6-piston brakes with carbon-ceramic rotors help bring the hypercar to a halt.

No price was announced but considering the extent of the build, the Victor is not cheap. We expect it's probably already spoken for.