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Aston Martin Vulcan receives upgraded aero from AMR


Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro, same power but increased downforce

Back in 2015, Aston Martin unveiled one of their most extreme and exclusive vehicles, the Vulcan. It was so exclusive in fact that there were only 24 units ever produced. Like other vehicles of its caliber, the Vulcan is exclusively a track-only vehicle wherein owners have to seek approval from the factory before use. Lately though it seems as though Aston Martin's perforance division, AMR, had some fun tweaking the Vulcan to give it more oomph.

Enter the Vulcan AMR Pro. A quick glance at it and one would think that AMR has increased the power even more from its already 820 horsepower V12, such as the case in most AMR vehicles. However, that is not what AMR has done for the Vulcan AMR Pro. Unlike the other AMR vehicles, its still retains the same 820 horsepower output of standard Vulcan - as if that wasn't more than enough to begin with. AMR has however shortended the gear ratios that enable better acceleration as well as increasing downforce.


Changes to the Vulcan's aerodynamics can be seen all throughout its body. Canards have been added to the sides of the front bumper. There are also louvered panels added over the front wheels to help extract air and reduce lift. The massive rear wing remains the same size, but now features a dual-plane design. A 20mm gurney flap has also been added to the wing's trailing edge to round off the new aero features.

The result of the new aero is 2,950 pound-feet of pressure pushing the Vulcan AMR Pro to the ground. To give people an idea, the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans GTE Pro winning Aston Martin V8 Vantage produces 627 pound-feet of pressure less than the Vulcan AMR Pro. Despite retaining the same power, the new aero is said to give better traction overall, enabling faster lap times.

Before you pull out your wallets and check books to order one, do note that Aston Martin is not making another release of track only Vulcans. The AMR Pro is strictly an upgrade owners of the 24 Vulcans can opt to have for their vehicles.

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