Eco marathon events such as the Shell Eco Marathon have been around for quite some time. In a nutshell, these events would usually find several top universities building efficient lightweight cars to see who can keep their vehicles running for the longest distances. For the longest time though we’ve all been left to wonder – why hasn’t the Ateneo joined this competition yet?

Plenty have attributed Ateneo’s absence to the fact that the blue university isn’t heavy on engineering. Whatever the reason for their absence from previous events though, it appears this time they’re no longer making excuses – Ateneo de Manila University is finally joining the Shell Eco Marathon.

Ateneo debuts ‘ATNO-1’ eco marathon car

Following the initiative of the Electronics, Communications, and Computer Engineering (ECCE) department to join the Eco Marathon, the ATNO-1 Ecocar project has since acted as a thesis for engineering students. Aside from the obvious participation of engineering students however, other students from various courses and departments were free to get involved in various aspects of preparation for the vehicle’s fruition. This joint effort allows students – and the whole university – to become more aware and involved with EVs.

The ATNO-1 is set to compete under the Urban Concept category wherein the rules require it to be powered by an electric motor. Aside from this, the car will run with a fiberglass tub chassis as well as a carbon fiber body to keep weight at a minimum. While the car was built to compete at the Shell Eco Marathon, future plans for it include participating in a competition in Singapore sometime in march for further development.

Expect to see Ateneo’s first foray into ecocar marathons at the Shell Eco Marathon on Feb 3-5 at the Clark International Speedway.