In the domestic custom car scene, Atoy is a name that needs little introduction as Atoy Llave has been customizing autos for show and for go since 1996 when he first opened A-Toy Bodykits. More recently, he has since ventured into boosting the comfort of customer rides (like his Manila-proofed vans) via Atoy Customs and even food trucks. 

But now he's trying something different by penning a design that could be interesting, given the situation at hospitals and medical centers nationwide: Atoy came up with a self-isolation quarantine trailer.

Atoy Customs designs an isolation trailer you can build image

With the country experiencing a spike in cases, hospitals and medical centers are once again at full or near full capacity. With an all-time high of 15,310 cases logged last Friday, it's no wonder hospitals are running out of rooms. As an option for those that need to be quarantined or isolated, Llave designed a special quarantine trailer measuring 13 feet long, (3962mm) 6 feet wide, (1828mm), and 7 feet tall (2133mm).

The tiny quarantine trailer has room for a bed, folding table, and a toilet. Apart from those, it also has a provision for a generator set and an air-conditioning unit. That way, those quarantined inside the trucks can remain comfortable while recovering. In case they need to be checked by doctors or be visited by relatives from a safe distance, the quarantine trailer comes with a window at the side.

Atoy Customs designs an isolation trailer you can build image

According to Llave, he designed the quarantine trailer out of frustration due to the rising number of infections in the country. The best bit is that this design is free of charge and open to anyone who needs to use it.

If you want to build a small quarantine trailer, Atoy Llave's idea may be a good solution that can help you and your family stay safe but it will take some welding skills and time to build one though.