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Audi A7 concept drives itself 901 km to CES 2015


Cameras and sensors allow the A7 piloted concept to drive itself

Aside from the Prologue piloted driving concept, Audi has brought another self-driving vehicle at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The brand with four rings said that the Audi A7 piloted driving concept has succeded in completing its 901 km test drive from Silicon Valley, California up to Las Vegas, Nevada. Audi claims that the A7 piloted driving concept completed most of the drive on auto-pilot.

Similar to the Prologue piloted driving concept, the A7 is equipped with sensors that provides a 360 degree view of its surroundings. Audi says the grill and the rear bumper of the A7 piloted driving concept is fitted with laser scanners to provide additional "recognition of static or dynamic objects."


Moreover, the A7 piloted driving concept comes with four cameras placed at the front and rear of the vehicle. These cameras provide "short-range" information about the vehicle's surroundings. It also has a high-resolution, wide-angle 3D video camera which will make its production debut in the new Q7. The 3D video camera is in charge of observing the traffic surrounding the vehicle.

With the said equipments, the A7 piloted driving concept can change lanes, execute passing maneuvers, accelerate and brake independently. Before changing lanes, the concept calculates the speed and distance of surrounding vehicles. Subsequenlty, the concept has the ability to adapt its speed to surrounding vehicles.

The test drive allows Audi to gather neccessarry data to help further develop its piloted driving concepts. With this recent developments, we shouldn't be surprised to see self-driving vehicles in the near future.

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