Concept cars would often show the public what an automaker has in mind for the next couple of years or even decades. Be it a daring, sporty direction or one that involves a lot more connectivity, these are the cars that are the future, according to their respective companies. For Audi, they believe it's all about artificial intelligence.

For the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2019, the German automaker will be presenting their AI:me concept. Audi isn't too chatty about their newest concept, nor did they even show a typical dimly-lit teaser photo some manufacturers have been doing. For now, all we have to work with are three sketches, along with a very short statement. “The showcar illustrates the vision of an automated driving compact car for the megacities of tomorrow,” said in their release.

Audi AI:me concept looks right at home in the next century image

Looking at the sketches, we see a low-slung, rakish-looking hatchback. The nose of the concept, at least in drawing form, almost appears flush to what could be a single piece of glass from the front to the rear end of the roof. Of course, there's the signature Audi grill and the fenders stick out of the vehicle in a rather aggressive manner. It also looks like it has coach doors.

At the back, there is what appears to be high-mounted tail lights and an interesting hatch design. Large air outlets then flank each corner of the rear bumper. In typical hatchback form, there's a tailgate spoiler to give it even more flair. Last but not least is 'e-tron' spelled out on the lower part of the bumper, suggesting that it will come with a full electric drivetrain.

Audi AI:me concept looks right at home in the next century image

With that, we're expecting another fully-electric, autonomous driving vehicle from Audi, albeit in a much smaller package. Audi has yet to mention how the AI:me will be different from its past EV autonomous vehicle concepts, but it should be interesting how they will go about vehicle artificial intelligence.

But if you want a piece of the future now, there is the Audi e-tron 55 Quattro. However, you'll have to head to Europe for the all-electric, semi-autonomous driving crossover.