Audi is set to make driving even safer with the introduction of the digital rear-view mirror that's first seen and used on their Le Mans winning race car, the Audi R18. It is due to start its small-scale production at the end of this year and will be equipped in the Audi R8 e-tron, which just like the R18 doesn't have a rear window making the use of conventional rear-view mirrors useless.

Audi's digital rear-view mirror is composed of a camera and monitor system. A small, ultra-lightweight camera is located in an aerodynamically optimized housing and transmits a video to the 7.7-inch color AMOLED monitor mounted in place of a conventional rear-view mirror.


A control unit produces a consistent high-contrast, brilliant image and prevents glare from the headlights of other vehicles. The driver has the option to dim or deactivate the display at any time.

Audi is also working on incorporating additional information on the monitor in future.