Those interested in picking up Audi's flagship supercar – the R8 – can choose between two different variants: the V10 or the V10 Plus. The standard V10 R8 already pushes out 540 PS to all four wheels, while the more powerful V10 Plus produces 610 PS. Should the V10 Plus be not enough, Audi recently revealed a more hardcore, track-focused R8.

Called Audi Sport Peformance Parts R8 Edition, this R8 will be the most powerful variant available and is fitted with all of Audi Sport's go-fast bits. While the 610 PS engine from the V10 Plus engine remains, the special edition R8 does undergo a diet combined with aerodynamic enhancements to improve handling.

Audi Sport Peformance Parts R8 is the most capable model to date

What's new on the Performance Parts R8? For starters, it was fitted with a host of carbon fiber aero parts such as a new front splitter, rear diffuser, and more aggressive side air intakes. There are also new canards fitted up front, side skirts, and it is topped off with a large fixed rear wing. Audi says all these parts were tested in the wind tunnel to ensure maximum efficiency.

Compared to the standard R8's body, the new carbon fiber parts help improve by a large margin. To be specific, at 330 km/h, the R8 generates 250 kg of downforce. That's 100kg more than the standard R8 V10 Plus. At 150 km/h, the downforce is more pronounced as the aero kit doubles downforce to 52 kg.

Audi Sport Peformance Parts R8 is the most capable model to date

Lightweight 20-inch wheels were fitted to help shave another 8 kg from the car. They were then wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires with 245/30 profile in front and 305/30 profile in the rear. Audi Sport has also fitted this R8 with a three-way coilover suspension setup combined with carbon ceramic disc brakes and enhanced brake pads to improve stopping power. Rounding up the exterior upgrades comes courtesy of a new exhaust system.

Inside, the Sport contour steering wheel is trimmed in Alcantara leather. Meanwhile, Fine Nappa leather lines the interior and the bucket seats.

The Audi Sport Peformance Parts R8 Edition is limited to 44 units around the world. Five of which will be made in right hand drive for the UK market.