With Gran Turismo Sport constantly following up with new vehicles over the past couple months, the game is now starting to take proper shape with its roster of vehicles slowly increasing with some choice machinery. For next month, Polyphony Digital hints at the next vehicle to debut on The Real Driving Simulator by showing a silhouette side profile of what appears to be a GT Racer by Audi.

Considering that we’ve nary heard of any news about a new GT racer from the four rings of Inglostadt, this is of course a fictional entry into the Vision Gran Turismo (VGT). VGT is a group of vehicles that represents what manufacturers could create in the boundless realm of video games. Taking things such as heritage, philosophy, and technological prowess into account, Gran Turismo collaborates with manufacturers to create a car that reflects the identity of their brand into one vehicle. In the case of Audi, we’re probably looking at an E-Tron VGT considering their involvement with EV development.

Taking signature cues such as the Group 5 Quattro Turbofans and mixing it with Audi Sport’s insignia on the side, we’re likely going to see a mix of Audi’s motorsport heritage into the E-Tron VGT. We’ll find out once it hits our Audi dealerships on-screen on April 9th.