If you look at Audi's design language, you might have observed that they take more of an evolutionary approach instead of a revolutionary one. Perhaps not wanting to rock the boat too much, Audi stuck to the tried and tested formula with their all-new A3.

But even with evolution being the theme of its design, one can tell that this is the next-generation A3 and not the soon to be outgoing model. The new front end takes bits and pieces from other Audi models such as the Q8, A6, and, to some degree, the pre-facelifted A4. Like most Audi sedans, this hatchback also has a clamshell hood, keeping it in line with the family look.

Audi A3 image

It's over at the side and rear where there are bigger and more significant differences. Instead of just having relatively flat-looking flanks, the fourth-generation A3 has more organic curves and shapes from the fenders, doors, and quarter panels. Fender flares are also more prominent, drawing inspiration from the box-flare arches from the 80's. At the back, the tail lights have been made much slimmer and pinch upwards towards the top. Last but not least is the tailgate which has a more rakish windshield angle.

Audi A3 image

While the exterior redesign can be described as conservative, it's a totally different story inside. No more round vents or soft curves, it's all sharp lines and angles in here. Audi has completely done away with scroll wheels and touch pads for their infotainment controls. What they have done is what most mainstream automakers do and stick to a touchscreen. The cockpit is of particular interest with the center stack aimed towards the driver and the fully digital instrument cluster (which Audi calls Virtual Cockpit) is flanked by two air-conditioning vents.

On to engines and there aren't any hot versions just yet. Instead it's a range of turbocharged gas and turbodiesel mills. The base engine is a boosted 1.0-liter, three-cylinder unit that's good for 110 PS. Moving up a notch is a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder (also turbocharged) that makes 150 PS. There's also a mild-hybrid version of the 1.5-liter mill, but with mild-hybrid tech.

Audi A3 image

Moving to the diesels and there are two to choose from. While both use a 2.0-liter block, they come in two outputs with either 116 PS or 150 PS. This being Audi, Quattro all-wheel drive is available, depending on the engine selected. All-wheel drive A3 models get a multi-link rear suspension while non-quattro variants use a more conventional torsion beam.

The A3 has been offered in the Philippines since the second-generation so we don't expect it to stop with this fourth-generation model. However, we might have to wait for the sedan version to be released before we get the A3.