Earlier today, it was reported that an investment group was interested in buying Lamborghini from Volkswagen. A letter of intent sent by Swiss investment group Quantum AG offered EUR 7.5 million to buy the Lamborghini brand. Not only that, but they also want its facility in Italy and its motorsports division.

At the moment, Volkswagen Auto Group (who owns Lamborghini) did not reply to the new offer yet. But before even Lamborghini's parent company can issue its statement, Audi flat out rejected the offer. But what does Audi have to do with this? That's because Volkswagen placed Lamborghini under Audi's wing. 

In a report by Automotive News Europe, an Audi spokesperson said they have no plans to sell Lamborghini. They also mentioned that it is not the subject of any discussion within the group and reiterated that the Italian sports car maker is not for sale.

Audi specifically addressed their response to the Zurich-based investment group. The German automaker made it clear that there are not in favor of selling the Italian marque to anyone. Since the auto group already confirmed that Lamborghini is here to stay last December 2020, it looks like Audi wants to assure Lamborghini and its employees that they will not detach from Volkswagen.

There's no word yet from Quantum AG with regards to Audi's rejection of their offer. Perhaps the investment group could come up with a different set of conditions to entice both Volkswagen and Audi in actually selling Lamborghini. That said, this might not be the last time anyone makes an offer to buy the Italian marque from the Volkswagen Auto Group.