Audi designs new concept for Spies in Disguise

Movie cars have proven to be so vital that the mere sight of them would easily define the film. Being a familiar object can bring to mind special moments in movies, and for the longest time movie cars have somewhat also become stars in their own right. This association goes so far as manufacturers using movies as an avenue to market and even create new vehicles just for the movie.

Audi is no stranger to this kind of spiel, with their A6/A8 saloons practically taking center stage in Jason Statham’s Transporter movies, the R8 being Iron Man’s vehicle of choice, and even going so far as to create the Audi R8 ‘Star Of Lucis’ for Kingsglaive, the prequel film of Final Fantasy XV. So when the folks at Twentieth Century Fox approached them to create a car for an animated film, suffice to say this isn’t Audi’s first rodeo in Hollywood.

The vehicle in question is a completely fictional Audi RSQ E-Tron, a fully electric – and fully automated – vehicle that finds itself in an upcoming animated film, ‘Spies in Disguise’. The Audi concept car plays the vessel of super spy Lance Sterling (voiced by Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (voiced by Tom Holland).

Supposedly, the Audi is set to take them on their international espionage adventures with features such as an automated driving mode, holographic displays, and even a boost feature – most of which we will likely see once the film is showing in cinemas.

“The action-packed super-spy storyline provides us with a creative medium to showcase innovation and technology, and all that is possible with the future of mobility,” says Sven Schuwirth, vice president Audi Brand, Digital Business, Customer Experience. And if Audi’s track record for movie cars is anything to go by, it looks like the RSQ E-Tron may make a lasting impression as well.

Check out the RSQ E-Tron in action by watching the "Super Secret" trailer.