Ducati could soon join the brands under the top carmakers Volkswagen empire currently consisting of Lamborghini, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Audi and Bugatti, and truck makers MAN and Scania.

Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piëch regrets not buying Ducati when he had the chance to do so in the previous years. That's why Audi, also under top automotive group Volkswagen was reportedly in the talks to buy the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati.

Ducati Week

If ever the talks go through and results to Ducati's brand being under the Volkswagen empire, they could hopefully take some of their rival, BMW's share of the motorcycle market. Although having a share of the motocycle market is one of their goal, tapping into a motorcycle engine's power is another major field that VW group would like to take a look at. In an interview with VW Chairman Ferdinand Piëch way back in 2008 he said "A 1 liter engine can produce 200 horsepower," Piech told the paper. "Small engines are also lower from the point of view of fuel consumption. We can learn something here."

Volkswagen, Audi and Ducati's main shareholder, Investindustrial, are mum about the deal but rumors indicate that the deal might be struck by mid-April this year.

source: reuters, financial times