Have you always wanted to see how automakers actually build their cars? While there are some brands that show pictures (or videos) of their busy factories online, these are some times not enough to sate our curious minds.

Audi, however, wants to bring the factory tour right on your desktop / mobile device. Recently, the automaker launched AudiStream which allows interested viewers to see how their cars are built in real-time. Whether at the comfort of your home or on the go, wiewers will get to learn how each Audi is made right from press shop up to the last manual operations check in final assembly. The livestream tour also offers interactive insights into production and technology, as well as live chat for those that want to ask questions.

Those interested can register by choosing a specific date and time as to when they want to watch a livestream. After that, users can pick what interests them the most (i.e. brand history and motorsport competition), and select what models they want to see being built at Ingolstadt. Some of these include the A1, Q3, TT, A4, Q5, and the Q8. They can also check out how Audi makes their drivetrains, chassis, and quattro AWD.

But how much will this livestream cost we hear you asking. None, Audi is offering the livestream tour free of charge. Want to register and take a tour for yourself? You can do so by going to www.audi.stream.