Audi is on a roll in releasing all-new models as the decade nears its end. Starting with the Q7, it was followed up by the TT and, after that, the A4. Now, the automaker has just previewed their design language in the years to come.

The next car to be unveiled from Audi will be their A8 flagship sedan. We've shown spy photos of the car in the past but Marc Lichte, chief designer of Audi, has shown the front fascia of the car. With that, he also showed what other future Audi models will look like.

Lichte explains that the A8 will get a wider, flatter single-frame grill that is more upright than the other two models he previewed, the A6 and A7. The corners of the front fascia are squared-off, giving it more presence. Its headlights meanwhile are also squared-off, mimiking the Q7. Moving to the A6, the grill is narrower and smaller than the flagship sedan. It is however, more curved than its bigger sibling. Along with that grill, the headlights are larger and more angular than the car it will eventually replace.

Lastly, the A7, Audi's entry into the large four-door coupe market. Compared to the two, there is ore emphasis on the hood, giving it a more rounded shape. Another key difference is the grill, set lower, wider and more curved. Giving the next-generation A7 a more aggressive look are slimmer headlights with a more pronounced LED light signature.

Besides the front fascias, Lichte added that there will be key differences at the rear as well. The designer did not go fully into details as to what these will be but he did mention a chrome strip that will run across both the A6 and A8. This trim piece will vary in size depending on the model applied. In an official statement by Audi, the all-new A8 will debut on July 11, 2017.

At the moment, the launch dates of the next-generation Audi A6 and A7 have yet to be announced. Given that the A6 has been around since 2011, it is possible that the E-Segment sedan may be revealed next year.