Audi Electronics Ventures, a subsidiary of Audi AG, has recently previewed the Audi Q2 Deep Learning Concept featuring new, adaptive technologies. Unlike the usual concept car, Audi decided to highlight their next-gen technologies with aa 1:8 scale model which is equipped with self-driving tech.

The Audi Q2 Deep Learning Concept in motion

Equipped with a pair mono cameras, one at the front and the other at the rear, ten ultrasonic sensors as well as an on-board computer. The Audi Q2 Deep Learning concept features the ability to move around and find a parking spot without anyone driving it.

It also features a deep reinforcement learning capability, allowing the car to learn via trial and error method. This means that similar to a human driver, the Audi Q2 concept first starts with easy parking spots then upon learning will move on to a higher difficulty level. Audi says this new technology aims to cut down time in finding parking spaces.

The Audi Q2 Deep Learning concept trying to park

In addition, the deep learning software similar to the one used in this concept will be released in 2017 as part of the driver assistance controller in the next-generation 2017 Audi A8.

The inner workings of the Audi Q2 Deep Learning Concept

The 1:8 scale model, which previews the new technology will be seen at the 2016 Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing System in Barcelona, Spain.