Last year, Audi announced they were working on a new division called “Artemis.” At the time, only a few details were revealed. However, they did mention Artemis will focus on accelerating the development of electric vehicles. More importantly, it would be headed by ex-Formula 1 engineer Alex Hitzinger.

Fast forward to the present, and it looks like the project has been going smoothly. Audi announced that the now Artemis GmbH has sped up the development of projects within the company and even the Volkswagen Group.

Since summer 2020, Hitzinger and his team have begun the development of the first-ever Artemis vehicle. Following the conceptual phase, the vehicle has now been handed over to the Audi for further development and software development to CARIAD.

With the project handed over to Audi and CARIAD, it seems the work of Artemis GmbH is complete. Now the division will take on a new course. Specifically, they will be working with Audi’s Technical Development to drive innovation management. Audi says Artemis will concentrate all efforts “on methods, tools, and processes, to create a blueprint for software-driven vehicle development.” 

“Modern working methods, software-based tools, and targeted processes are the key for turning ideas into innovations quickly and efficiently. Today this is more important than ever. We are therefore pleased that Artemis GmbH with its extensive know-how in these disciplines will work even more closely and directly with Technical Development at Audi in the future,” says Oliver Hoffmann, Board Member for Technical Development.

When will we see the Artemis-developed vehicle? According to Audi, the vehicle will be delivered to customers by 2025. With that, expect to see it sometime in late 2023 or even in 2024. Considering they only started in 2020, churning out a new vehicle by 2025 is an impressive task.

No details have been revealed yet, but expect it to be an EV. Since an ex-F1 engineer is working on it, will it have crazy power output? That's a possibility.