The Tetris Challenge may not be as popular as other social media trends that happened over the past few years like the ice bucket challenge. In fact, there's a good chance you may not have heard or seen it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok. However, the trend has been popular where it counts. In Europe, frontliners and emergency service have been doing the Tetris Challenge, laying out the various equipment needed to do their jobs.

Now, even Audi's in-house paramedics, Audi Occupational Health, have also joined the Tetris Challenge, showcasing most of the equipment they have. Naturally, there's an ambulance, a stretcher, and all the other necessary medical tools needed by first responders. However the most important “pieces” are undoubtedly the two medical personnel. What good are equipment if no one is there to use them.


Interesting to note that Audi Occupational Health is also celebrating its 100th anniversary this 2020. After starting out back in 1920, the first paramedics were hired to respond to emergencies and injuries. Today, there are over a hundred health experts that are responsible for various cases including acute emergency care and even mental health.

What's fun about the Tetris Challenge is that the final photo looks like a carefully unpacked toy package. The only difference is that they are actually real people and equipment. It first started trending when the police in the canton of Zurich published a photo on Instagram showing an emptied-out police car, two officers and their equipment. Since then, thousands of emergency responders across Europe have joined in. It certainly helps the public free their minds for a bit from all the dreadful news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.