Looks like Audi just one-upped BMW in its own turf; and in a very bold way. Recently, Audi opened its new Brand Experience Center at Munich Airport. For those not in the know, this is actually the Bavarian's home airport in Germany.

The new 3,580 square-meter building showcases Audi's state-of-the-art energy and building technology. It will serve as one of the company's international training centers for sales network and can double as an event location too. In Audi's own words, the new Brand Experience Center in Munich functions as a "role model and multiplier".

For example, the entire air-conditioning system in the new training facility and event center uses geothermal technology. The pipes used for both heating and cooling are installed in the slabs between the floors for easier packaging and use. Then there's its glass facade which features a futuristic-looking center that consists of just under 450 square meters of transparent photovoltaic elements. It has a total of 1,650 solar cells that provide about 42,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

The electricity generated can then be stored temporarily via two battery storage devices. After which, they can then be used for the building itself, as well as recharge electric cars via 6 charging points. As the building is not solely reliant on the power grid, the Audi Brand Experience Center in Munich can save on utility bills, as well as lessen its carbon footprint.

“With our clear focus on sustainability, we are stating very clearly that we are approaching this topic holistically and far beyond the electrification of the vehicle fleet. The company intends to make all Audi production locations worldwide CO2-neutral by 2025. Audi intends to achieve CO2-neutrality company-wide by no later than 2050. We are also working together closely with our trade partners on this journey. The Audi Brand Experience Center serves as a field for experimentation and inspiration at the same time,” said Horst Hanschur, head of Retail Business Development and Customer Services.

With Audi making a bold statement in becoming a greener company, it looks BMW better step up their game as their Ingolstadt-based rival is making noise at their own home airport.