Audi logo: Same geometry, new two-dimensional look

Audi’s good-looking logo just received a makeover, and while the changes are small and subtle, these aim to express the marque’s attention to detail and high-quality design.

The revisions to the four-ring logo appear minimal to the naked eye, but designer André Georgi explains that they used the purist approach, which is in line with the Audi philosophy, to attract customers who want substance over fancy styling.

“Our philosophy is that every detail must convey a meaning or serve a purpose. On the product, it is - above all, our four rings, unmissable on the front and rear of every Audi model, that make an Audi an Audi. We want our quality to speak through the design and the product itself. The new two-dimensional look gives our rings a significantly more modern and even more graphic makeover, although their geometry is almost identical to the former ones,” said Georgi.

Audi unveils redesigned four-ring logo image

A new two-dimensional effect is used, replacing the old three-dimensional styling so the logo can meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of the brand. The executives liked the new look so much that the design team was tasked to implement it not just on all Audi vehicles, but also on magazines, online collaterals, and even billboards.

According to brand strategist Frederik Kalisch, the geometry of the logo is identical to its predecessor but the new two-dimensional look gives it a “more modern and even more graphic makeover.”

At the core of the logo’s new design are three tenets, no chrome, high contrast, and the black-and-white look. The insides of the rings are white while the sides and body are black, which designers say optically brightens the logo and gives it a premium-quality look.

Audi unveils redesigned four-ring logo image

Aside from the logo design, the German brand has also established a new font called ‘Audi Type,’ which will become the standard used in and outside all vehicles.

“The basic tone (of the font) is significantly more restrained without compromising on distinctiveness or quality,” added Georgi.

The new Audi logo made its debut on the renamed Q8 e-tron.