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Audi updates and upgrades the A4 and S4


A best seller made better

It was inevitable that Ingolstadt would respond to the challenge of the upcoming 3 Series from Munich, and here's their answer: an upgraded and updated Audi A4.

The company's best seller for 39 years gets a new look, though judging from the photos, the changes are a little hard to spot. Side by side with the current model, you can spot the new lines and features that Audi has modeled around the car. There are new LED headlights (of course) along with a restyled front fascia.


The cabin has also received a few updates with a new line of steering wheels, trim and finish details as well as an improved MMI system.

The engines have also received upgrades when it comes to efficiency, as Audi claims a consumption improvement of 11% on average for the A4 line. There are six TDI (diesel) and four gas engines that will be avaiable, along with quattro all-wheel drive. The high performance S4 variant gets a supercharged 6-cylinder engine with 333 horsepower.

The new A4 will arrive in the Philippines next year.

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