Think quattro, and if you're a motorsport fanatic you'll immediately imagine racing legends Walter Rohrl, Michelle Mouton, or even Hannu Mikkola blazing through rally stages at breakneck speeds in the Quattro racing machine.

Seen initially by many as heavy and cumbersome, Audi proved to everyone that all-wheel drive (AWD) was the way to go whether it be rallying, road racing or in making supercars / sports cars. In fact, the name grew from just being a namplate as it now signifies Audi's proprietary AWD system.

Now known the world over as Audi's intelligent technology that is seeing use in a multitude of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, as well as some high-performance machines, the Ingolstadt-based automaker is looking at using their quattro technology for the new age; the AI:Trail.

Audi wants to bring EVs off-road with AI:Trail concept image

Set to make its official debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi's latest concept is the company's vision for an all-electric off-roader of the future. With huge all-terrain tires, no overhangs whatsoever, and plenty of ground clearance, the AI:Trail looks like it can take on any type of terrain you can imagine. And, since it's an electric vehicle (EV), you can be sure it has loads of instantaneous torque which can be used immediately.

But unlike traditional off-roaders which have boxy shapes and imposing designs, the AI:Trail appears to have a sleek and modern shape akin to a city car. It also has what appear to be large glass panels / doors that provide an unobstructed view of the outside, perfect for going off the beaten path and while also enjoying the view. Combined with what looks like a lounge-like interior, and the AI:Trail may act as a self-driving, electric off-road machine.

Audi wants to bring EVs off-road with AI:Trail concept image

Without anymore details to go on, we're still left in the dark as to what this concept has in store for us. What we do know, however, is that the AI:Trail completes Audi's quartet of electric concepts. First came the Aicon which is Audi's vision for a fully autonomous electric vehicle. Then came the PB18 e-tron – the all-electric supercar that produces nearly 700 PS. Then just a few months ago, Audi came up with the AI:ME, their idea of a self-driving electric city car that can double as a mobile office, lounge, or shuttle transport.

With these four concepts, Audi appears to be looking at making EVs for every type of need. And with the AI:Trail purpose-built for the road less travelled, Audi is looking to make electric mobility have no borders. We'll find out this September 2019 when Audi officially launches their latest concept in Frankfurt.