When the Audi TT first came out back in 1998, it was lauded for its design. It looked nothing like most of the cars on the road at the time, even winning design awards along the way. Fast forward 21 years later, and Audi has announced that the current generation model could be its last.

The German automaker hasn't announced when exactly they will discontinue the TT. With the current model now in its sixth year in production, it may not be long before Audi pulls the plug on their smallest coupe. The announcement was made during the company's annual general meeting.

Bram Schot, chairman of the board of management of Audi said that the company has been involved in too many projects for several years. For them, that meant slimming down the product range, with the TT being the first to go.

Audi will pull the plug on the TT soon image

The impending discontinuation of the TT was not the only surprise during the meeting. Schot also mentioned something about the R8. The future of their first (and so far, only) supercar is now in limbo following the meeting. The chairman of the board did not say outright if the R8 will, indeed, be discontinued. Instead, this is what Schot said: “Do we need a successor with a combustion engine? Does this fit in with our vision? The discussion will give us an answer to that,” said the executive.

However, Audi isn't completely abandoning the performance car market just yet. Schot said that taking the place of the TT will be an electric vehicle. Whether or not it will still be a coupe is still up for debate. With that, its (indirect) successor aligns with Audi's push for electrification. Audi is aiming to have 20 pure electric models by 2025.