In an announcement during the Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen R&D Chief Frank Welsch confirmed the swirling rumors about the Beetle's fate. Following the current generation, VW is no longer planning to produce another Beetle. Having had a total of three generations of the beetle, each with a significant gap between manufacturing dates, VW finally closes the curtain after the current generation ends production.

The R&D head reasoned the decision saying “two or three generations is enough now” as VW can't simply come out with “a new new new Beetle.” At this point, the Beetle's role may become quite redundant considering the T-Roc will be available soon as a convertible, essentially filling the role of the Beetle in VW's lineup. The odd crossover will likely debut sometime in 2020 following a $100 million investment in VW's Osnabruck factory.

With the original beetle being succeeded by the New Beetle back in 1997 and refreshed in 2011 for another generation, the Beetle is the oldest model in VW's lineup. Having departed from the signature rear-engined configuration to accommodate similar platforms of new VW models, the Beetle retained its iconic shape throughout the years and still established itself as an iconic vehicle in VW's lineup.

Despite the axing of their famed bug, VW will continue to offer retro-inspired models in the future such as the I.D. Buzz which will be taken after the Type T2.