The people behind the Street Machine Summernats 26 have managed to succeed in claiming the world record for the world's largest simultaneous burnout last week at the Canberra based car festival. The Guinness World Record burnout attempt was staged to support the National Tobacco Campaign and raise the people's awareness of the risks associated with smoking and to encourage smokers to 'burnout' their cigarettes for good.

“We’re turning the burnout pad into the world’s biggest designated “smokin” area. The message we’re sending to our patrons is that “smokin” belongs on the burnout pad. said Summernats co-owner Andy Lopez. “The National Tobacco Campaign will engage with Summernats patrons through our social media, TV show and activations on site. We’re not about lecturing, but we definitely want to be part of an important health message like this.” adds Lopez.

The event have managed to achieve the world record breaking stunt by having a total of 69 participants simultaneously doing a burnout and smoking their tires for a minimum of 30 seconds in order to be included in the count. The event managed to exceed the previous record of just 49 cars.

Louise Sylvan, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, that manages the National Tobacco Campaign, says “the World Record burnout attempt is a different and interesting way for us to connect with our target demographic and Summernats has a strong, engaged community. The Burnout Record will generate huge interest, particularly online, in Australia and around the world.”