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Author of Hybrid Bill test drives the Toyota Prius


Congressman believes hybrid cars will help alleviate gas price problem

With gas prices hitting the roof, threatening to hit P60 per liter, along with it the skyrocketing prices of basic goods, Congressman Ronald Singson, Ilocos Sur's first district representative, formulates a bill aiming to lessen the sting of escalating gas prices.

House Bill No. 2084 seeks to grant tax incentives to importers and manufacturers of hybrid cars in the Philippines. These cars that operate on hybrid technology are propelled by both gasoline and electricity.

Carbon dioxide is one of the major problems that cause global warming. With the hybrid technology of the Prius that reaps high mileage and low gas consumption, less carbon dioxide is emitted. Toyota's hybrid technology saves fuel by storing energy and adjusting intelligently to each situation.


The battery within a hybrid car stores energy that would usually be disposed by the conventional vehicle as heat. As the hybrid's motor acts as a generator, it converts the stored energy into electricity used upon ignition and to supplement the engine when it accelerates. This cycle of conversion is at its peak when the hybrid vehicle is in full stop therefore, the more the vehicle breaks, the more it regenerates and produces energy.

The alternative option of using hybrid vehicles would be beneficial to the Filipino driver by saving gas money and by being environmental friendly. However, the tariff imposed on parts and components makes the hybrid vehicle too expensive and less feasible for the market. Cong. Singson's response to this is to try to lessen taxes through House Bill 2084.

This covers exemption from import duties, customs and tariff duties; excise value-added and ad valorem taxes. Passing the bill would significantly lower the price of the price of hybrid cars.

House Bill 2084 has already been referred to the Committee on Ways and Means. Aside from Cong. Singson, other members of the committee, Rep. Eleandro Jesus Madrona Romblon and Rep. Amado S. Bagatsing of Manila's 5th district were able to test drive the Prius. The bill's co-author, Jose Ma. Zubiri III, got a chance to drive the car and was amazed at its fuel efficiency.

With the inflation of fuel prices and the environmental crisis, Cong. Singson believes that the Prius' hybrid technology will be an instrument to alleviate the situation.

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