Representatives from the auto industry yesterday spoke to GMA News Online regarding the controversial issue regarding the ‘no-registration, no-travel’ policy that has stricken fear into the hearts of new cars owners, most of do not have the license plates for their vehicles until today turning their costly investment into a garage stuffer.

Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Aljun Tan has been vocal about the efficiency of his agency.  “To us, all registrations have been issued plates. I think even if you talk to dealers, they tell you that once they file the applications, within seven days, they could already get their official receipts, certificate of registration and plate. The plates are always available and our registration processing is fast,” said Tan.

Richie Javier, General Manager of Ford Global City and Ford Manila spoke out to contradict the statement of the LTO chairman and laid the blame fully on the agency.

"They couldn't process any registrations because the system was not up, and naturally, it will create a backlog. The backlog started last year from their end. They just have a [small] number of people to work on the huge volume of plates, registrations from dealerships nationwide," said Javier in an interview with GMA News Online.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino called the LTO policy “unconstitutional” while the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) is asking concerned government agencies to prove it’s the dealer’s fault and go after them before penalizing car owners.

The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) also chimed in on the issue and stresses the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead for auto sellers and buyers.

"With thousands of vehicles with pending license plates since last year, it has become a challenge for both LTO and dealers in claiming and releasing of plates made available just recently. We hope that the aim of releasing all pending plates and the release of plates at the same time as the issuance of OR/CR for newly-purchased vehicles will be realized soon," said CAMPI President Rommel Gutierrez.

Source: GMA News Online