So something popped up on our social media feed yesterday.

AutoGenix Carworx, a local custom car shop in Rizal that regularly enters major car shows, posted a series of images saying that he's gauging interest amongst his friends whether or not to raffle off an original first generation Honda Civic Type R.

Yes, Honda fans: he's raffling off an EK9.

We reached out to Richmond Sunga, the owner of AutoGenix, to confirm whether or not the post on his personal page was legitimate and not a prank.

Yes boss, seryoso yun [Yes sir, it's serious],” replied Richmond.

We asked Richmond why he was disposing of the car, and his answer is heartbreaking: his wife is battling the big C. And the funds will be a big help with the very expensive treatments she has to undergo. 

The EK9 is widely considered to be the most desirable of the several generations of the Civic Type R, based on the 6th generation Civic (EK). The car was released only in three-door hatchback form, and was modified from the factory to deliver exceptional driving thrills through chassis stiffness (the body is seam welded) and lightness through the removal of non-essential parts for performance like sound insulation.

Powering the EK9 is a 1.6-liter B16B engine that makes 185 horsepower and comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox driving the front wheels. In stock form, the EK9 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 7 seconds.

The actual vehicle that AutoGenix is raffling off appears to be largely original and appears to have no exterior modifications that are common in cars of its stature and desirability. We can still see what appear to be original CTR wheels, aero kit, and the red Recaro seats found in the original model from the factory.

As for the raffle itself, Sunga said that he's sorting out the mechanics. Interested parties pick a number between 1 to 200, and pay the yet-to-be-determined fee through a bank deposit.

Just for kicks, I picked 121. Who wouldn't want a chance to own one of the greatest front-wheel drive cars ever, and hopefully help a fellow enthusiast's wife in her fight?