The Autohub Group, the official distributor of Mini, Lotus and Rolls-Royce cars in the country, is now also providing helicopter services after launching the Aerohub Aviation Services. The new business, as described by Autohub Group President, Willy Tee Ten, will offer hassle-free flying across the country and will be an alternative means of getting around.

Aerohub will provide chartered flights, block hour offerings, private aircraft management and even fractional ownership of their Robinson Helicopters.

The Robinson R44

Each fractionally-owned aircraft will be limited to 5 owners and the price of each share is at PhP 8,880,000. At least 4 owners will need to confirm their purchase before Aerohub acquires a new Robinson helicopter. The 5th owner will be Aerohub itself until all five slots are filled.

Each owner is entitled to 6 flight reservations per month. In addition, owners are also warranted to reserve one full weekend on a first come first serve basis, via an online booking platform. Using the helicopter overnight will be counted as 2 flights, however. The company will also extend their efforts in delivering a substitute aircraft or resolve conflict schedules with fractional owners.

For the first 4 years, service and maintenance fees will be provided by the company. It is only after the fourth year that the owners themselves will have to fund the necessary services and/or repairs. Hangar costs, on the other hand, will be charged directly to the association.

The Rolls Royce Ghost Series II and the Robinson R44

Each reserved aircraft will have a pilot, as owners are not permitted to fly it themselves, or be controlled by their own pilot. They will be only allowed to do so if they are duly accredited by Lionair, Inc.

Each fractional ownership will be chartered for an 8-year term by contractual agreement. At the end of the contract, the owners can opt to extend their ownership or liquidate their assets and shares of the aircraft.

The Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

The fractional ownership also extends towards Rolls-Royce cars. The terms and conditions are relatively the same, though each owner will be entitled to have the car for 6 days per month. Those that purchased fractional ownership on Aerohub will also be given discounted lease rates for Rolls-Royce cars. Also, a discount share of PhP 8,500,000 applies if the same applicant purchases a share in a Rolls-Royce fraction share program.

Aerohub Aviation Services carry a Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Aircraft Operators Certificate (AOC), the equivalent of a US FAA Part 135 license.