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AutoHub's Tee Ten hailed as MVP Bossing Awardee 2012


Chemical engineer turned automotive giant

Mr. Willy Tee Ten, the businessman behind the successful AutoHub Group, was recently given a unique honor, as the automotive tycoon was named the MVP Bossing Ako Awardee for 2012.

The achievements of Mr. Tee Ten, starting from his early schooling at St. Jude Catholic School, to being the 2nd placer at the 1985 Chemical Engineering Board Examination, to founding and running one of the most successful multi-brand automotive dealership networks in the country, are testament to the award given to him by the PLDT SME Nation panel.

"It is with PLDT that makes our company more synergized and one with our goals," says Mr. Tee Ten. "True enough that this award given to me is 100 times better than any sales award."

Currently, AutoHub's dealer business include Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai, motorcycle brands such as Piaggio and Vespa, as well as being the exclusive dealer of MINI automobiles in the country.

"It's indeed humbling and truly inspiring," continues Mr. Tee Ten. "And to all the aspiring entrepreneurs, Dare to Dream.. Dare to Do"

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