Last year, won five awards in five different categories at the 19th Henry Ford Awards. This year, the company bagged home two trophies from the annual awards program that recognizes the work of the Philippine motoring media.

For the 20th Henry Ford Awards, AutoIndustriya Editor-In-Chief Vince Pornelos was able to win in two different categories.

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Winning the Best Automotive Online Feature was Pornelos' feature story titled, 'Benjamin Dimson: How a Filipino artist built a career designing Porsches and Mercs'. The article tells how Dimson was able to climb the automotive design ladder despite the odds. Dimson's work includes designing the exterior of the Porsche 911 964, the Porsche 959, Mercedes-Benz W124 E-Class convertible, and the M-Class SUV, to name a few.

Aside from penning some of the most recognizable cars, Dimson was also able to work alongside notable designers such as Bruno Sacco, Josef Gallitzendorfer, Olivier Boulay, Chris Bangle, and Martin Smith.

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The other award that won was the Best Automotive Video Feature. Three of's videos were nominated for this category. These are 'Effortless Style: Subaru Forester GT Edition, XV GT Edition' by Pablo Salapantan, 'Trading Up – Toyota Certified Used Vehicles' by Brent Co and 'Understanding The Mild Hybrid Geely Azkarra' by Vince Pornelos. Ultimately, it was Pornelos' entry that won.

In the video, he explains the basics, the benefits, as well as the advantages of having a mild-hybrid vehicle like the Geely Azkarra. Unlike traditional hybrids which have a separate motor that helps the engine be more efficient, a mild-hybrid system makes use of a 48-volt battery system and a small electric motor that also acts as a vehicle's alternator and starter. Not only does it help reduce fuel consumption and emissions, but it can also deliver more power when needed.

Can take home more awards at the 21st Henry Ford Awards? We'll find out next year.