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Time Attack: Chevrolet Camaro SS on Special Stage R5

The third round of the GT5 Challenge attracted the most number of participants so far at seventy-three. Challengers both young and the young at heart took part in trying to set the best laptime on the virtual Time Attack competition with the Gran Turismo 5 Driving Simulator on the Sony Playstation 3. Needless to say, the stand was busy the whole day with a long line of eager drivers ready to step up the driver's seat.

The twist for the day was the night driving conditions of the Special Stage R5 track chosen where competitors will try to set the fastest lap with the Chevrolet Camaro SS. Competitors ranged from cadet kart racers, arcade racing game fans, car enthusiasts to serious driving simulator players. Most of the faster laptimes were set at the 1 minute 40s early on, Aristotle Dela Cruz was the first challenger to knock on the barrier with a 1:40.489 laptime setting himself comfortably in the lead with very few posing a threat to his time. Jonathan Chua would later manage to break the barrier setting a 1:39.812. Chua's time seemed unchallenged until it would eventually be eclipsed just before the competition ended when one of the last few competitors, Jacob Salazar set a 1:38.307 time as the second to the last driver. When the next competitor failed to beat his time, Salazar emerged the victor.

Top 5 times of the day will receive gift packs from The Covenant Car Company, exclusive distributor of Chevrolet in the Philippines. First place winner Jacob Salazar receives a Mika Hakkinen autographed mousepad and a Gift Certificate from Remixx Clothing; second placer Jonathan Chua and third placer Sammy Mohamed each receive an mousepad, Gift Certificate from Remixx Clothing. Aristotle Dela Cruz and Jasper Boringot get fourth and fifth places, respectively.


The Top-4 drivers will return on Sunday, for the final-16 showdown between the best drivers for each day at 6pm.

1. Jacob Salazar - 1:38.307
2. Jonathan Chua - 1:39.812
3. Sammy Mohamed - 1:40.317
4. Aristotle Dela Cruz - 1:40.489
5. Jasper Boringot - 1:40.569

The GT5 Challenge is supported by Sony Philippines, The Covenant Car Company (Chevrolet), Lexus Manila, CATS Motors (Mercedes-Benz), Remixx Clothing, Motul, Mothers, Recaro,, Sony Philippines, and the Manila Auto Salon.

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