In Round 5 of the GT5 Challenge 2 virtual time-attack competition at the 2012 Trans Sport Show, competitors went behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X on the highly technical Eiger Norwand Short Track in Gran Turismo 5. A total of forty-two players challenge the track with Mitsubishi's rally-bred all-wheel drive performance sedan.

One of the more difficult and challenging tracks on Gran Turismo 5 was chosen to display the capabilities of the Evo X on the tight twisties and bends as well as the elevation changes. While many tried to tackle the track, it was only a handful who went within the competitive pace due to the complexity of the track. One of the first few players, John Karlo Pelayo clocked in at 1:13.654 setting himself on top of the leaderboard. However, it was still too early to tell whether he would stay there. Teenager Benette James Pulta, pulled a 1:13.459 laptime on his second attempt claiming the lead. Faster laptimes followed with Mike Andal setting a 1:13.420 on his second attempt as well, and Elljay Mutuc followed on with a slightly quicker 1:13.382. Pro-driver Enzo Pastor joined in the fun and clocked in at a blistering 1:11.612 which was to remain unchallenged for the rest of the qualifiers. Andal was comfortably waiting in third position until the last qualifier Jon Esguerra slotted in between Pastor and Mutuc with a 1:13.125, for second.

Round 5 winners

The final standings were as follows, Enzo Pastor in 1st, Jon Esguerra in 2nd, and Elljay Mutuc in third. They will advance to the Final Round of 16.

The top three winners received gift packs from Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation, Motul, Mothers Philippines, mousepads, Remixx Clothing gift certificates, while the first and second place winners also received gift certificates from VHT.

The GT5 Challenge 2 was supported by Virtual Racing Rentals, Nissan Motor Philippines Inc., Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, Asian Carmakers Corporation (BMW), Honda Cars Philippines Inc., Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, VHT, Mothers, Remixx Clothing, and Motul.