Thirty-five competitors came and tried to prove if they're fast enough at the opening round of the Gran Turismo 5 Challenge at the 2012 Trans Sport Show. The time-attack challenge will be played on all five days of the event where players will qualify for the chance to enter the Top-16 Championship. The top three players of each qualifying round gets to enter the finals, in addition, they get to win prizes from the daily manufacturer and event sponsors as well.

For Round 1, competitors drove the Nissan GT-R on the Nurburgring GP/D circuit. Participants all drove on the same game settings on the Logitech G25 equipped Virtual Racing Rentals driving rig. It was 2011 Manila Auto Salon GT5 Challenge 2nd runner-up Jan Millard Lacuna setting a fast lap early in competition virtually putting his name on first place. Julius Ramos set a fast 1:38.656 lap on his stint, but was only good enough for second. Later in the day, Ferdinand Gulle Jr. clocked in a 1:37.261 lap launching himself to the top and knocking Ramos down to third. Lacuna, took a buy-in attempt to get back in first clocking in at 1:36.021 to get back on top.

Round 1 winners

The final order was Jan Millard Lacuna in 1st place, Ferdinand Gulle Jr. in 2nd place and Julius Ramos in 3rd. The top three winners received gift packs from Nissan Motor Philippines Inc., Motul, Mothers Philippines, mousepads, Remixx Clothing gift certificates, while the first and second place winners received gift certificates from VHT. They also get to qualify for the Final 16 championship round on Sunday.

The GT5 Challenge 2 was supported by Virtual Racing Rentals, Nissan Motor Philippines Inc., Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, Asian Carmakers Corporation (BMW), Honda Cars Philippines Inc., Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, VHT, Mothers, Remixx Clothing, and Motul.