Round 4 of the GT5 Challenge 2 virtual time-attack competition at the 2012 Trans Sport Show, competitors went behind the wheel of a Honda CR-Z on the (now defunct) Best Motoring famous Tsukuba Circuit in Gran Turismo 5. A total of fifty-seven players challenge the track with Honda's hot hybrid compact car modified by popular Honda tuner Spoon Sports.

Tsukuba is a short but technical track, and fast laptimes were to be expected. Very early on, a fast time of 1:10.953 was set by Iori Suzuki as the first player of the day, his time would go virtually unchallenged. It was only until thirteen players later, when Ramon Dumaquin would break the 1:10's setting a 1:09.745 laptime which led the way for even lower times. Soon after more 1:09 laptimes followed; Daniel Patrick Tan set a 1:09.880 while Patrick Alonzo followed with a 1:09.873. Brian Lee launched himself right to the top spot with his 1:09.673 attempt. However, Alonzo (a finalist from last year's challenge) was not contented with merely third place and took a buy-in run setting the pace at 1:09.414. Being knocked out of finals contention by merely hundreths of a second, Tan took his buy-in run as well setting 1:09.718 which would eventually be safe enough to qualify for the finals in third.

Round 4 winner Patrick Alonzo

The final standings were as follows, Patrick Alonzo in 1st, Brian Lee in 2nd, and Daniel Patrick Tan in third. They will advance to the Final Round of 16.

The top three winners received gift packs from Honda Cars Philippines Inc., Motul, Mothers Philippines, mousepads, Remixx Clothing gift certificates, while the first and second place winners also received gift certificates from VHT.

The GT5 Challenge 2 was supported by Virtual Racing Rentals, Nissan Motor Philippines Inc., Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, Asian Carmakers Corporation (BMW), Honda Cars Philippines Inc., Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, VHT, Mothers, Remixx Clothing, and Motul.