Every third Sunday of June, we celebrate to honor fatherhood and all the fathers out there. The paternal bond in motoring is sure to be a very memorable one to us all. From the first toy car, to our first car show, and to our first driving experience.

There are also the fathers that have influenced the motoring world. Here's a little contest in celebration of Father's Day for you, dear AutoIndustriya.com Reader.

We all have our motoring story with our fathers, and it's time for you to share yours.

Write to us, in 100 words or less, how your father influenced your enthusiasm for cars.

Tell us how your father (or father figure) brought you to your first car show or to the circuit to watch the races. Tell us how he got you your first car or even how he taught you to drive. Share with us a story about how he helped you wash the car or taught you things like how to change a flat tire. Anything goes, really.

The winning entries can receive one of many great prizes for your Dad (or for yourself) including a SKIL POWER TOOL COMBO, a CASIO EDIFICE MEN'S WATCH, a ROADMICE FORD GT USB mouse, and a MiLi Universal USB Travel Charger.

We are also holding a raffle for a chance to win a CASIO EDIFICE MEN'S WATCH, MiLi Smart Compact Car Charger compatible, or one of three sets of TURTLEWAX PHILIPPINES Gift Packs.



Contestants must write their REAL NAME (as it appears on any valid ID) as well as their email address on their entry on the comment box below.

Winning entries will be notified on the AutoIndustriya.com website, by email or by Facebook.

Winning entries will have their posts incorporated into feature story that will come out at a later date.

Entries found to have been copy-pasted (read: plagiarized) will be screened and excluded from the contest, of course. Be original and have some fun with it.

Being a subjective contest, AutoIndustriya.com's editors will be judging the entries.

AutoIndustriya.com will choose the winning entries, though the editors also reserve the right to expand the winners as they see fit.



Contestants must also use their Facebook account to enter the raffle, they then "Like" AutoIndustriya.com's Facebook page, as well as click "Like" on this post and answer a question all through the Rafflecopter box below.


Employees of AutoIndustriya.com, and Double B Web Solutions Company and their relatives up to the second degree are not qualified to win.

Deadline for entries is June 13, 2012 (Wednesday), 11:59PM.

Prizes should be claimed personally with proof of identification at the AutoIndustriya.com office. Prizes not claimed within 30 days will be forfeited.


So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!


And in case you don't win, here's a small gift guide for dad on his day

Skil 18-volt 4-Tool Combo Set

Skil Tools by Bosch

Another leading power tools brand is Skil. Founded in the U.S. back in 1924, Skil Tools provide dad with high performance machinery for any job he needs to get done around the house.

Skil Tools are build to a high standard, utilizing robust designs and engineered to perform reliably for years to come. Skil has power tools that have been specialized for different materials, with tools that work best for wood, concrete or steel, whether heavy duty or for the DIY enthusiast.

WHY IT'S GREAT FOR DAD: DIY-ing has never been better

Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice watches

With Casio's Edifice line of chronographs, dad is sure to get a stunning watch that a man deserves. Casio's Edifice chronograph has evolved to evoke the pursuit of speed with a cool metal body, confident texturing, and a striking face design with superior visibility, and are built with the latest technology and the utmost attention to durability. Affordable, stylish and sleek, the Casio Edifice line will surely be a great addition to any man's watch collection. Casio Edifice watches are available at Time Depot outlets and prices start at Php3,995.

WHY IT'S GREAT FOR DAD: Form and function. Need we say more?

Huawei E560 Mobile WiFi

HUAWEI E560 Mobile WiFi and MiLi Smart Car Charger

Many of us feel naked when we forget to wear our watch, but nowadays, many of us feel the same way when we can't seem to find a WiFi hotspot. Well, with Huawei's line of Mobile Wifi devices, your dad would never need to ask your favorite coffee shop for their WiFi password again.

Utilizing a 3G sim card, the Huawei E560 connects to your service provider and just as quickly, you're able to go online. Being a stand alone device, the E560 provides mobile internet -whether on the road, on vacation or on business- for up to 6 hours continuously before needing to be charged. The Huawei E560 retails for Php3,990.

MiLi Smart Charger

To go along with the Huawei Mobile Wifi, you can also get dad a MiLi Universal Charger for Php1890. The adaptor can charge up to two USB gadgets at a time, and can also charge the larger iPad. If you're in a coffee shop, you can also plug into a standard A/C socket. You can also get a MiLi Power Smart Compact Car Charger.

WHY IT'S GREAT FOR DAD: He's online. Mom is online. You're online. Everybody wins.

Road Mice

Road Mice

Road Mice are "Officially Licensed" Optical Computer Mice. The unique designs have the look of a replica automobile such as this FordGT and the functionality of the best pointing devices on the market. The functioning headlights and smooth lines give the car a realistic look and feel.

WHY IT'S GREAT FOR DAD: Very few things can make his desk look properly cool

Father's Day Weekend at Lighthouse Marina Resort Subic

Your adoration for Dad, his love for cars, sports and leisure are celebrated at The Lighthouse Marina Resort as you honor him during the Focus on Dad, Father's Day Weekend Celebration on June 15-17, 2012. 

For more information click here.

WHY IT'S GREAT FOR DAD: What can be better than a weekend getaway in a nice resort with cars, sports and leisure all together?