With the Trans Sport Show expected to gather multitudes of car enthusiasts from all over the metro at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall from April 18-22. AutoIndustriya.com will once again hold the Gran Turismo 5 Challenge for those who want to test out their virtual driving skills.

The GT5 Challenge will be played on a specially designed Playstation 3 driving rig from Virtual Racing. The contest will follow a time attack format during the five days, with the top three times being recorded and awarded prizes accordingly.

The AutoIndustriya.com Gran Turismo 5 Challenge is brought to you by Virtual Racing Rentals, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Motul, VHT, Mother's, TechIndustriya.com and the Trans Sport Show.



There will be 5 qualifying rounds for the AutoIndustriya.com GT5 Challenge 2 taking place during the Trans Sport Show at the SM Megamall from April 18 to 18, 2012. Each qualifying day begins when the show opens until it closes. During the final day, qualifying will take place until 6:00PM to make way for the final round.

Each day will have a corresponding track and car. The race track and car to be used will be declared at the booth as well.

Each entrant will get 3 laps, the first of which will be a practice lap while the remaining 2 laps will be timed. The quicker of the two timed laps will be counted.

The first run is free, though if a player wishes to qualify again, he/she may do so for a fee of PhP 50. Again, the quickest lap per player will be counted.

The Top 3 Qualifiers from each day will receive a gift pack from the automotive sponsor, and will be asked to return on Sunday, April 22, 6:00 PM for the Tournament Knockout.



The Tournament will take place from 5:30-8:30 PM on April 22, 2012. All qualified players must be at the AI Booth by 5PM, Sunday, April 22, 2012 for the briefing and the competition proper.

The qualifying rounds will determine the the qualified players for the tournament. There will be 16 qualified players: the top 3 from each day plus the defending champion from the first AutoIndustriya.com GT5 Challenge at the Manila Auto Salon: Terence Lallave.

If a qualified player is unable to make it, the next person from his day will be asked to join. If a replacement is also unavailable, the next qualified player from Day 5 will be asked to fill in. If there is still no viable replacement player, then the player present at the booth advances immediately to the next round.

Due to the complicated nature of linking 2 PS3 units, the tournament will be on a time attack basis. Both players will be racing against each other's best lap time.

The previous player's car ghost will be shown.

Each player gets to drive the course for 3 laps per stint. All laps will be counted.

A coin toss will be conducted between the two players prior to their turn.

The player who wins the coin toss gets to decide whether to drive first or second, as well as get to draw the track to be used out of a hat.

The player who loses the coin toss gets to draw the car to be used out of a hat.



In-game driving options are preset to the following:

Transmission:           Manual

Driving view/POV:     In Car

Tires:                       Sports Soft

Traction Control:       3

ASM:                        On

ABS:                         2

Everything else:        Off

The settings can be changed, but will incur a penalty (see below)



Lap times in RED (either by cutting a corner or by slamming into the guard rail) will be counted, but will incur a penalty of 10 seconds.

POV must be inside the car. If driver wishes to race with a different POV (i.e. bumper, exterior, hood) his quickest lap time will incur a penalty of 5 seconds.

If a contestant wishes to change a setting (i.e. traction control) he/she will incur a penalty of 5 seconds for each setting changed. Tire choice, however, is non-negotiable.