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Autokontrol launches speed limiters for safer roads, cleaner air


Tech firm launches new speed limiters for fleet vehicles

Fleet operators may impose a number of rules on their drivers, and advice them as best as they can, yet the moment these cars, trucks and buses hit the street, there is little control they can exert over these vehicles. Unless of course they have been equipped with Speed Limiters.

Autokontrol Ltd. is one such supplier of speed limiters with speed limiters come in two varieties: the System 80, designed exclusively for vehicles with mechanical throttle linkages; and the Drive-by-wire system, for vehicles governed by an ECU. A seal and cable system ensures that the gadget is not tampered with and can be monitored and controlled by any regulating body or fleet operator.

According to the company, it will enable bus and truck operators to remotely control the speed of their vehicles from their office. Once installed the speed limiter can govern the vehicle in a wide variety of ways. The simplest is simply setting a top speed limit. It can also set multiple top speeds depending on the situation. For smooth highway travel, a higher top speed can be set. Sensors inside the system can also detect when the vehicle is off-road and implement a lower top speed. Finally, multiple speed limits can also be set by the vehicle’s GPS locator, called GeoKontrol, allowing fleet operators to program areas along its route (like EDSA, or private properties) with varying speed limits. This ensures that when the vehicles approach a highly urbanized area, they remain within safe speeds at all times. Another added benefit is the system’s ability to govern the maximum engine RPM, allowing operators to reduce the strain placed on the engines.


Because Autokontrol manages the throttle input, this has also been certified as an efficient form of emission control. The bus and trucks have less C02 emissions and better fuel economy.

Autokontrol Ltd. has been providing such services in over 40 different countries, having been in the business of developing and fitting of speed controls and vehicle speed control technology for the past 30 years.

Autokontrol speed limiters have worldwide certification in countries that have already established speed control legislation such as Egypt and India. The Philippines has just recently passed a bill for speed controls on trucks and buses at the bicameral committee level and is waiting for presidential signature to become law.

Autokontrol speed limiters come in two packages but can be configured in a variety of ways, even able to serve as tracking devices. There is no recurring cost and any unit that is installed by TSS carries a warranty of 150,000 km or 3 years.

Autokontrol is distributed by AutoKontrol Philippines Corporation at 341 G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City. You can also contact them at

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