2016 marks the second Automotive Aftermarket Asia Pacific Summit that sees members of ASEAN getting together for the region's aftermarket sector and the industry's growth. The even is scheduled from September 1 to 2. Among the many topics to be discussed include the automotive aftermarket outlook in Asia Pacific and Laws, regulations, code of conduct as well as standards of inspection & testing equipment in ASEAN countries.

As described by the backround of the summit, rising vehicle sales and car parts are the drivers behind the robust demand from auto aftermarket. They also added that the competition in the automotive after-market has been valued by more enterprises who value high quality service. Because of this, these entrepreneurs take customized and considerate service as the major direction of future development.

The 2nd Automotive Aftermarket Asia Pacific Summit will be discussing topics and issues that concerns industry stakeholders. These include rules´╝îlaws and regulations and code of conduct in ASEAN countries as well as the expansion of OEM products in the aftermarket. Another topic for discussion is the transformation of small dealer groups into comprehensive service suppliers. 

The summit also aims to get spare parts enterprises maintain a close relationship with car owners. Other topics for discussion include second-hand cars and vehicle modification, commercial vehicles aftermarket and channel building, Online integration of aftermarket sellers and more.

Apart from the topics mentioned above, the summit will also highlight issues, solutions and trends in the ASEAN motoring industry. Listed below are the rest of the subjects the summit will cover.

  • Increased auto aftermarket demands of Thailand 

  • Innovation roadmap of Chinese automotive aftermarket

  • Status quo of Indian automotive aftermarket

  • How OEMs expand the aftermarket

  • Building up a successful after-sales brand

  • How repair and maintenance players transform and enhance profit-making capability

  • Independent automotive aftermarket positioned for explosive growth

  • Automotive accessories and Tuning market in Asia-Pacific

  • After-sale services drive the development of CVs in Asia-Pacific region

  • E-commerce model is imperative for the transformation and upgrade of automotive aftermarket

  • How to get rid of the O2O (Online to Offline) dilemma in automotive aftermarket