AVT, a Filipino company pioneering in vehicle navigation and multi-media devices, will once again be showcasing a new range of products at the upcoming 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), to be held from August 16-19, 2012, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

The latest model of the AVT personal navigation range, the AVT PN-504, will be launched at the event. It is powered by the latest Atlas IV 533MHz CPU, a new high-resolution 5-inch LCD touchscreen and comes with a built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver that is quickly able to acquire a GPS fix in 3-minutes. In terms of functionality, the AVT PN-504 also serves as a multi-media player, a photo viewer, and offers some extras such as a calculator, calendar, and unit conversion.

Beyond these technical specifications, the utility of the AVT PN-504 lies in the pre-loaded Advanced Philippine Map exclusively developed by iNAV. Unique to the AVT Navigator range is improved turn-by-turn navigation with junction lane assist, with an enlarged view of where you need to make the turn; 3D junction view, so you get a 3D guide of which lane you should take; 3D buildings, to provide landmarks for better location identification; and speed camera, to warn of approaching speed cams and avoid speed violations. All AVT PN devices come with free updates for two years, so that you can update your maps with the latest changes to the country's road network.


Vehicle owners who are concerned about security and safety may also take a closer look at the AVT iSTAR, a portable tracking device that works on the GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites. It can be used to track and monitor your vehicle and even has a built-in microphone so you can listen in to conversations and sounds inside a tracked vehicle. It also has SOS/emergency alert, low battery alert, geo-fencing and mieage report features. The location of the device can be checked by SMS or web based applications.