Ready to purchase a brand-new car but can’t decide on the color?

You can always choose to go with your personal favorite but if you want something ‘out of the blue’ so to speak, you may want to base your decision on a report published by a company that’s been in the business of providing auto paint solutions for the last 150 years.

Axalta Coating Systems has just published their annual Global Color Popularity report that is somewhat of a forecast of where the color sensitivities of customers lean towards at any given time.

This same report is also where automakers base their decisions on what communication color to use to newly launched models and trims.

For 2017, Axalta’s Automotive Color of the Year is Gallant Gray.

This result is based on a huge number of automobile buyers showing interest in a more neutral palette that can be individualized with slight hues. Gallant Gray is enhanced by blue and silver flakes to produce an inimitable sparkle effect, along with dark undertones for a sophisticated finish.

For reference, the 2016 Color of the Year was Brilliant Blue, while 2015’s was Radiant Red.

Axalta has been publishing the Global Color Popularity report for the last 60 plus years and it is the largest and longest running report of its kind in the automotive industry. It includes color popularity rankings and regional trends in 11 leading auto regions in the world. Each annual report indicates the top ten most popular colors, including a breakdown by vehicle segments.

In the Philippines, Axalta Automotive Finishes is available under the Cromax brand. Locally, the full line of Cromax products is offered by HLT International located at #124 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City. For more info contact them at 635-5196 / 635-5197 / 634-3346 / 631-0640 / 747-9550 / 747-9551